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1 February, 2008

Student Loans

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I believe that everyone should have access to free tertiary education.  Because a education leads to a better paid job, and a more skilled workforce.  Because people with less money should have the same opportunity as the wealthy.  And because learning is valuable in itself – people benefit from education on many levels.  Therefore the state should tax people, and provide this free education for everyone.  Now that’s simplifying, but it’s how I really feel.

Now some people would have you believe it’s good to pay yourself to get an education.  If you want one, you pay for it.  But what if you can’t afford it?  How can we give these people the same opportunities to succeed as any other?

You could loan them the money.  But then they’d have to pay it back at some point.  And if those people who weren’t as well off didn’t have… oh, I don’t know, say, a $500 lump sum, then they will have to pay it all back.  If your Mummy or Daddy had money, then perhaps they could pay off the money and you could receive a reward – a small debt write-off.  Now wouldn’t that be fair?

Of course I don’t think that’s fair.


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