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30 January, 2008

Drifting away

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I was swimming in an inlet yesterday evening with some friends. The tide was out so we were hobbling around in murky water over unidentifiable bits of rock (at least I was hoping it was rocks, not crabs, etc.). We had a bright orange inflatable ball with us – it came free with a bag of oranges. Another bit of needless consumerism… It had been drifting around our living room for a few days so we thought we’d grab it because it might be of some use at the beach. In the inlet, the current was strong – and there was a bit of a breeze blowing. After batting the ball around for a few minutes we decided we’d have enough with the useless piece of psycho-fluorescent plastic and biffed it onto the rocky shoreline. It was really serene out there except for the rocks underfoot, the swift current, and the suspiciously murky water. I was quite happy trying to keep my feet on the ground. After a while someone noticed a flash of orange tripping away over the rocky beach and drifting away with the wind over the water. Just like John Key – seemingly flashy, but actually full of air and half deflated. One of my friends went after the ball, but she couldn’t quite get a grasp on it – it was slippery. Soon the wind took hold and it was away. I feel a bit guilty about letting it loose on the environment, but it wasn’t intentional. I don’t want us to make the same mistake by letting someone loose on our environment – a man who denied climate change in 2005.

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