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13 February, 2008

Helen Clark’s speech to Parliament overshadowed? Not if I can help it

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How convenient that Rich has resigned right after Helen Clark has announced a series of fantastic policies including the issue of tackling housing affordability.  The media will probably be all over Rich’s resignation rather than focussing on the good work the Labour Party is planning to help people, including enabling people to own their own houses, the rolling out of “B4 School checks” to detect and assess how children will cope in school, “School Plus” – lifting the age of participation in school or other forms of education to 18, a new funding model to assist Non-Governmental Organisations working in our communities, support for victims of crime, and a whole host of other policies in other areas like health and supporting New Zealand families.


National has few women – and Katherine Rich resigns

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Katherine Rich’s resignation from the National Party is a huge loss.  Her more social liberal views represented a rarely seen compassion in the National Party.  Rich was the only National MP to support the repeal of section 59 of the Crimes Act which removed a legal justification for child abuse.  Rich got the National Party to drop bulk funding for schools.  The National Party is now even MORE unattractive to female voters and anyone who has a social conscience.

Which just reminds me… a lonely figure among the old, pakeha men on the National Party’s board of directors, Judy Kirk represents the only female.  Funny that she’s the President.  Perhaps the Nats think this status makes up for the otherwise complete lack of adequate female representation.

10 February, 2008

Beware… the little people

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This morning at work a little person came into the shop.  I put through the items he was buying but he didn’t have enough money on his EFTPOS card.  There I was, thinking about how the poor man must have a hard life of discrimination.  In the confusion of voiding items, he swiped something.   That cunning bastard! Duped. By a dwarf.

5 February, 2008

On blogs

I am so happy about all the wonderful political blogs we have in New Zealand (especially the left-leaning ones).  Stargazer is the latest I’ve discovered.  It’s written by a very interesting woman who says she doesn’t like to be put in boxes – I know that feeling.  It’s great read new perspectives – Stargazer brings quite a few into the blogosphere.

2 February, 2008

Clare Curran wins Dunedin South selection

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It’s great to hear Clare Curran has won the Labour Party selection in Dunedin South.  We need more women like her in politics.

1 February, 2008

Student Loans

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I believe that everyone should have access to free tertiary education.  Because a education leads to a better paid job, and a more skilled workforce.  Because people with less money should have the same opportunity as the wealthy.  And because learning is valuable in itself – people benefit from education on many levels.  Therefore the state should tax people, and provide this free education for everyone.  Now that’s simplifying, but it’s how I really feel.

Now some people would have you believe it’s good to pay yourself to get an education.  If you want one, you pay for it.  But what if you can’t afford it?  How can we give these people the same opportunities to succeed as any other?

You could loan them the money.  But then they’d have to pay it back at some point.  And if those people who weren’t as well off didn’t have… oh, I don’t know, say, a $500 lump sum, then they will have to pay it all back.  If your Mummy or Daddy had money, then perhaps they could pay off the money and you could receive a reward – a small debt write-off.  Now wouldn’t that be fair?

Of course I don’t think that’s fair.


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